A few comment on our new president. I dunno how many of you were watching the All Star Game this weekend, but at halftime they aired a lil special presentation for NBA Cares, the lil community outreach program associated with the NBA. All good, but they had a rather long word in the message from Obama.

Im not trying to say that Obama cant be supportive of more popular causes or things like that but the general comment in the room i was in was like damn… He is doin too much.

With that being said, im sure no one had gripes with Obama’s support of NBA Cares, but i think it more that there really hasnt been , traditionally, room for the president in the NBA, especially AllStar weekend.

This brought me to one of those dubious racialized moments. Im sure everyone knows what Im talking about. Its when you think something racially charged just happened but you dont know exactly. In my opinion, the issue arises because Barack, obviously the coolest president, not exactly because he is the blackest president, but it does help. Notoriously, especially in the eyes of the Black community, Black ppl are cooler than most. Be it Jazz, be it Hip Hop, its been shown over time and i think thats the issue with having Barack on NBA. Yea, hes cool, but he cant be that cool, cause that makes him too cool to be a serious president.

BUT. and there always is one. Do things like this make him a monkey?????? Stay with me, because I obviously do not think he is a monkey. But apparently the New York Post staff does. Or at least think its ok to portray him as one. I mean i dunno, there is no way that u can call a Black man in american anything close to a monkey, chimp, ape anything like that. I kno there were did not intentionally reference Obama, but thats touting a line that just needs to be avoided. Just stay away from it. Not to mention how often Black ppl have been shot, by police, in America. I mean damn, Oscar Grant’s murderer’s trial isnt even over yet. Terrible…. ea1cf7fd-7273-4031-a84b-dce41da4f654h2


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  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about this cartoon on the news and radio. Since when is it okay for cops to shoot The President? The cartoonist justified the choice of using an ape/chimp because it was meant to represent the popular chimp that was in the news for attacking a women in NY, that police actually did have to come and kill. However, for no one at the NY Post to have the filter to realize how ridiculous a choice it is seems pretty absurd. Also, if you look closely at the sign on the post it reads, “Beware of Dogs”, perhaps a reference to the incident in Alabama when marchers were attacked by dogs and fire-hosed?

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