$1,400 Christian Dior shoes. Wonderful. So you can literally walk all over people.

From Marie Claire


4 Responses

  1. I’m speechless. I saw the heel and my mind immediately jumped to Africa, which is clearly what the designer intended with the ‘typical’ African statue as a heel (portraying a naked woman with ample body parts) not to mention the ubiquitous animal print on the rest of the shoe. But why? Why would the designers at Dior feel inspired to create this shoe? Do they imagine that there will be a wide-market for it? Are they trying to make a fashion statement? A political statement? When I see it, all I see, to quote the poster, in an opportunity to “literally walk all over people”, a physical manifestation of global political and economic power-relations.
    This also speaks to the entitlement that the fashion industry (and perhaps Western culture in general) feels towards “African” images like animal prints. Nowadays, you can find leopard-print lamp-shades and zebra-print scarves in just about any store without any tie to Africa, as though these representations of safari animals (as metonyms for Africa) are becoming separated from their origins and appropriated by the fashion industry. Is this a process of catachresis? What does the popularity of animal prints signify?

  2. I am hoping the caption underneath that ad was one you created to tie it to the class topic. It is devastating otherwise

  3. I did write it to tie it in to the class, but I find it equally devastating.

  4. I personally love cheetah/animal printed things (I have gaudy taste thanks to Momma Khans passion for gold colored things) but this shoe is a) offensive b) devastating as others have mentioned c) not to mention, UG-LY. sorry but I had to say it..

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