I honestly did not get the point of the movie. It just seemed like the boys were preoccupied in finding their father and never actually succeeded in finding him. It was as if they were unable to see the good right in front of them (their mother), only looking for something that isn’t there. Possibly placing an unnecessary importance on the father figure and not enough on the mother? Also unusual was he fact that Amine and Tahir both wore the same shirts everyday: Tahir blue and Amine orange. I first thought it was because they were very poor, but that is not the case. Their mother wears different outfits everyday and it looks like she makes them herself –> she must have made Tahir and Amine other outfits. So why would the director want to keep the outfits the same? What do these colors signify? The whole plot was pushed along by their missing father and how they want to find him: Amine’s constant questioning about where his father is and when he’s coming back, stealing the film reel to see whether their father was in the movie or if they were hallucinating, being sent to the Islamic camp after stealing the reel, running away from the camp in order to find their father. The only time we are relieved of the search for the father is when Amine passes away. It is as if with him died the father. Tahir ran away from the camp and went back home to his mother. This suggests that it was Amine, and not Tahir, who really wanted to find the father; Tahir was just going along with it. Being the big brother, why would Tahir let Amine dictate most of his actions? Another thing I found unusual: the little African boys in the camp had some kind of white powder all over their bodies –> what is it?


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