Sadness in Abouna

I think that the Boa is meant to be symbolic of life itself (maybe life in Africa? not to say that this is a true representation). Amine becomes a victim of the forces in his society: being raised by a single mother, having an absentee father, living in a poverty-like state, etc.

There is a lot of just sadness in the movie, and irony as well. The father leaves the mother, the mother leaves the children, the child leaves the earth, the mother mourns this loss, the father is unaware. In this structure, the child pays the price for the mistakes/ decisions of adults. Very sad. I feel like one of the messages in this movie is just the injustice of life.

The movie is ambiguous throughout, and in the end. I think it is meant to be this way because it is trying to make a point about “real”, uncensored life in the world, in Africa and in Morocco.


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