“Multiple Realities, Resistance, and Coalition”

There is going to be a really interesting lecture this Thursday night at Hampshire College at 7pm by María Lugones, “an educator and philosopher.” The lecture is called “Multiple Realities, Resistance, and Coalition;” I believe she is going to talk about intersectionality and how to build coalition across differences.

In another one of my classes, we’ve been discussing her theorizing of “complex communication.” One of her ideas  (which I believe will also be discussed at the lecture) that is pertinent to our class is her problematizing translation. 

She theorizes that they’re many different worlds dominated by different forces; each world has its own logic. By assuming the same logic between worlds and translating the experiences across we are ruled by one logical system. She believes we must start out assuming everything is opaque, and “reading that opacity, not assimilating the texts of others into our own.” At the same time, she commends a writer you might be familiar with, Gloria Anzaldúa, for a “willingness to traverse each other’s collective memories as not quite separate from each other and as containing the stuff she may incorporate into her own recreation.” I am interested to see how she reconciles her views on translation and her view of collective memory. One possible solution is that Lugones sees our logic system formed by our communities, and us in that sense community is part of us. That doesn’t quite satisfy me though. 

So not in competition with the film lecture tomorrow night, and I know that I can’t compete with the test, but if you have the time or inclination you might be interested in the Lugones lecture. Here’s a link for more information.



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