The Gisele Bundchen ad in the exam reminded me of another Annie Labowitz as photographer, Gisele picture on Vogue’s cover where she posed with LeBron and which got a lot of flak for being racist. This may be slightly out of context with regards to our discussions in class… but not really. There were two very clear sides even on usually very frivolous fashion blogs, with one side arguing race needn’t have been brought in at all, and the other saying it was racist: reminiscent of the original King Kong movie cover, and that it perpetuated the stereotypical idea of helpless white woman and the aggressive black male. I personally found the photograph very offensive, especially when I saw it placed side-to-side with the original movie posters (I’ve attached the side-to-side comparison here only here the movie poster was used to advertise recruitment for the US army)

Is it coincidental? I sure as hell hope so.



Also its interesting to put both the American Express advertisement and this Vogue cover side to side and compare Gisele as the constant in both, even though both pictures represent/are meant to represent very different things. Whats interesting about her posture, I find is this familiarity it exudes, of having a good time. However in the LeBron cover she also seems to be…running away, despite the happy face, good time, woo!-ness of her disposition. I think that has interesting ramifications on a debate about power with relation to the African/African-American, although I’m possibly not equipped to make one. Thoughts?


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