Not quite Africa-related…

The Vogue Africa photo shoot got me thinking about the huge furor which was raised in India/South Asia over the first Vogue India edition published y Conde Naste publications. (Vogue’s publication house) People were angry that in the very first edition ever, the models featured were not all Indian and infact the ‘main’ model was Gemma Ward (an Australian supermodel) It raised a lot of eyebrows because the other two models (who are both very popular actress/models in India) were therefore seen as having roles secondary to the ‘Caucasian’ lead especially in the way they were positioned relative to Gemma. According to the magazine however, Gemma Ward’s participation was meant to symbolize continuity with the overall scheme of Vogue international since in their words she represented a beloved face in the international fashion community. I remember initially thinking people were making too big a deal about it, but the more I look at this picture the more I think: why IS this chick in the middle? There are plenty of Indian actresses who have broken into the international arena, for instance. Or if you are catering to a regional audience, why should international popularity have any weight at all? What kind of message does this send especially since this is the first edition?

I was wondering what you guys thought about that…



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