This is real late but yea, I still have some thoughts. I went to the Patang discussion with Prashant Bhargara and I found myself in a bit of a quandry. In light of the discussion of watching and viewing that we had had in class, I found myself in a state of needing to view. As much as I appreciated Prashant and the efforts he made to convey to me the beauty of his method, without seeing the movie, without a point of reference, I felt lost in his discourse. As he would explain the beauty of a scene or the efforts and issues that came with picking the right child for a role, I could not relate to what he was saying because I had not seen and therefore could not judge whether his choices were correct.

All the while, his attempts to produce a movie, true to a place, without actors, as a process was very interesting. How do you get around telling people what to do but still get them to do what is needed for the script? But again, I was unable to see the script or the movie so, in the end, there was no possible way for me to decide whether his method was good because I could not know if he was successful or not.

The situation brought the issue of viewing to bare. I found myself unable to formulate ideas of how the story would unfold in my mind because I never knew the story nor did I have to tools with which to follow along. Without viewing something, be it the thing itself or something related, can you still, as an adult, imagine it. I have no idea where in the world the movie was set nor did I have any prior knowledge of the importance of kites to that community. This leaves me with a blank canvas mentally. Without the view, I have nothing to fill the canvas with.


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