All those, as Prof Parham mentioned in class, who were familiar with blackface noted its similarities to Kate Moss on the Vanity Fair Africa issue. I feel confident when I assume all those who noted the BlackFacededness of Ms Moss where at least slightly offended. I know I was. Pretty offended indeed.
But when is blackface not offensive. Moreover, I find myself still slightly offended by Forest Whitaker being in BlackFace in order to properly portray Amin. But, at the same time, im not nearly as offended as I was with Moss and I do understand y he needed to do that in order to play the role. This leaves me with a problematic. A question. When can BlackFace be devoid of the connotations and history of BlackFace?


We have seen this one, and understood the beauty in his acting and his portrayal of Amin.

keisha whitaker collection 141107

But were you thinking about this at the time?
I mean I could tell the whole time that his complexion was faulty. In fact, it made me look at all the other characters in the movie and judge his “blackness” again all the other skin tones. It took away a good deal, for me, from my ability to understand Whitaker as Amin.


Versus this.

What do other ppl think?

on a lighter note, do you find him offensive as a Klingon?



2 Responses

  1. Not a Klingon!
    He’s a Psychlo, from the movie Battlefield Earth.


  2. lmao… my bad…. apparently i need to do my homework before I do my homework….

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