Africa: The land of happiness

One thing I’ve noticed in some of the movies we’ve watched recently (The Interpreter, Constant Gardener, Blood Diamond) is that, for the film characters, Africa is the only place where white people can be fulfilled. In Blood Diamond, Danny Archer is constantly talking about leaving Africa but he is content and fulfilled by dying in Africa, this is where he is ‘supposed to be’. This happens once again in The Interpreter. Though Nicole Kidman’s character has spent her whole life trying to distance herself from her African past, it is only by reconnecting with Africa that she can be happy, that she can be a complete person. These two characters are at least African themselves, but many others are not and still find the same connection. Maddy Bowen, the reporter from Blood Diamond, goes to AFrica to find the truth about the diamond industry. Both Quayle and Tessa of The Constant Gardener can only “find themselves” and find “truth” in Africa. Corruption lies elsewhere, Africa and true Africans (like Koikio) are pure of heart. This recalls to me the representation of Africa in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, where Africa is the Cradle of Life–a space untouched by civilization and its inherent corruption available for white people to come and purify themselves.


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