Thinking about Blood Diamond, the general reaction was to say, hey, this is bad, lets avoid this Blood Diamonds. But how does knowing really effect your means of choosing? At the end, people make choices that will better themselves. Those in power will take advantage, be it a little or a lot. I remember right after the movie came out, Lupe Fiasco made a remix to Diamonds by Kanye West and ended it by saying you have to know in order to be a hypocrite. Ya, if you dont know you def cant be a hypocrite, but just cause you know does that make you a hypocrite? I know that nike takes advantage of many ppl, even me, overcharging, but they do put of some of the freshest shit I, ME, can afford. How do i define myself, get my feeling of freshness, bust out a new pair of nikes without the nikes?

I am fully aware of my attachment to nike, n jordan, as a shoehead. I love sneakers. But really, they are the only things I own personally. I lost a significant portion of my shoe collection last semester and I was devastated. I dont have a car, I dont have a trust fund to fall bak on, all I have are these kicks. Spring breaks and summers worked to buy my amount of fresh. Who is anyone to call me a hypocrite for wanting that?


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