Aargh, maties! Swashbuckling across the globe…

The first time I heard about modern piracy was in 2007, after in the Gulf of Guinea, of the coast of Nigeria’s oil rich South. I remember watching the news that day and turning to my parents to ask “We have pirates in Naija* ?” My mom said yes, detailing a few incidents that had occurred around the world over the past few years.

I tried to check out some more information about the  phenomenon and eventually hit Forbes.com. They had a slideshow showing 10 of the world’s most dangerous waters, which I found rather helpful. Check it out here.

The slideshow is actually 2 years old (though Forbes has reposted it in the light of the recent events off the coast of Somalia). My only question is: why is the phenomenon only coming into international consciousness now, if it has been a threat for over a decade?

*Naija = Nigerians’ slang (nick)name for Nigeria…


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