Oh, how the times have changed

Personally, I usually read BBC world news online, but for the purposes of this assignment I thought it would be interesting to see what the American major news networks are saying. A quick search through Fox News’ video archives brought me this clip. The title (“Somali Pirates aaaarrrrgggghhhh”) should have warned me but I was nonetheless surprised by the dismissive, caustic tone taken towards Somali pirates. And then I noticed the date; this was posted in December. As Bill O’Reilly notes “you’re probably the only American who has them [the pirates] on his mind”. Fast forward less than five months and Fox has completely turned around in its level of coverage, not to mention their level of concern. What was the turning point? Holding one American captain for ransom, nevermind that in years past there have been much larger numbers of captives. It’s one thing for American news networks not to cover the issue until it’s relevant to the American public, but to dismiss it so boldly when it has affected so many people, albeit internationally, is reprehensible.


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