SPOILER ALERT!!! X-Men Origins: Wolverine in Africa

I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine today and was surprised to find an interesting topic to blog about from this screening. The film follows James Howlett (Logan/Wolverine) through several different major wars until he ends up on a special op team working for the army (essentially present day). On his first mission we find him traveling to Lagos, Nigeria. Along with several other mutants, Wolverine storms a diamond factory for an, as of yet, unknown reason.

The “Africans” go down like flies as the mutants use their special abilities to take them out one by one. When they finally make it to the leader of the diamond trafficking operation we realize they are not after diamonds at all. Instead they are looking for a mysterious rock/meteorite, something unique, yet worthless according to the African leader who uses it as a paper weight.

We follow the origins of the meteorite to a small village where more innocent locals are slaughtered. This gruesome, cruel behavior disgusts Wolverine who decides to abandon his team. As the story proceeds it is unveiled the the meteorite holds a special metal element, Adamantium, that the army is in search of in order to form the most perfect mutant weapon. Adamantium is the virtually indestructible metal that is fused to the bone structure of Wolverine to make him stronger and give his claws their shiny new look.

Several times throughout the film Africa is referred to as the mysterious continent from which this metal came from. Little more is said about the metal’s origins, except perhaps that it fell from the sky. Like many of the earlier films we have watched, this story had no trouble drawing upon the mysteriousness of Africa to pinpoint the location of a fictional resource.

Agent Zero takes out Nigerian gaurds

Agent Zero takes out Nigerian gaurds


2 Responses

  1. It’s ridiculous how everything seems to come back to Tomb Raider. As before, Africa is a place that provides raw materials that Westerners can come and take at their will and only they can wield the “power”.

    I think this is extra interesting considering X-Men has often been seen as a metaphor for racism, anti-semitism and other civil rights since the mutants are shunned because they are “different” and there’s a lot of talk about the purity of the human race.

  2. My comment as a Nigerian:
    Nigeria has no diamonds…..

    My comment as part of this class:
    Seems rather similar to how the Somalians were portrayed in Black Hawk Down and in the South Park episode about pirates. …and how Africa was portrayed in Tomb Raider..
    Have the directors of blockbuster films reached a point where (their imagination is so limited that) the only place to set a movie about the origin of any resource/custom/relic/(etc) is Africa?

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