A little bit of Dictatorial humor.

This is a South African vodacom ad. I know it makes light of politics which not everyone is okay with, but I personally love this ad. I definitely know searching for South African ads on Youtube has become my favorite thing to do. Most of them are HILARIOUS, and many of them are really interesting as gauges for understanding the post-apartheid political situation. Its funny how political a lot of the ads are for instance. Youtube Nandos South Africa for instance…

Ofcourse a few of them are plain ridiculous..but I love them all the more for it.



One Response

  1. Both of these commercials highlight the way that politics have become intertwined with commercialism that Jhally talked about for the U.S. but in the context of South Africa. It seems, from the sheer number, that politics sell and many companies, Western companies (Ford, Vodafone who owns Vodacom), are using this to their advantage.

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