Naija boyz: an African spin on things

Many of the Africans in this class have probably heard of the awesomeness that is the duo called the Naija Boyz. They are two brothers from Nigeria who have done a bunch of remixes to some popular American pop songs (and have become quite a web sensation as a result over 10 million hits on youtube). (you can search for a few more videos on youtube: “african remix”) Enjoy!!!!!!! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. […] m_ann created an interesting post today on Naija boyz: an African spin on things « Screening Africa 3Here’s a short outlineIt establishes an Indian kite festival as baseline and uses it to represent certain aspects of Indian culture, family dynamics while trying to keep the story as natural as possible. To this end I was inpressed by two aspects […] … […]

  2. I’ve heard some mixed responses from people about the Naija boys. The main criticism is that they portray Africans in a negative light, but I think they would say that the fastest way to beat a stereotype is to take ownership of it and diffuse it of its power. I like the videos because I can relate to them, especially the green card references and the “less apparent” line at 2:26 in the Kiss Kiss video. Can’t wait for African Thriller.

  3. Naija stand up!

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  4. atsworld, i just saw your blog. its cool. i subscribed too 🙂 check mine out when I update it 🙂

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