Global Shadows: Culture and Political Economy

  1. I really enjoyed reading the “Letter to America” included in James Ferguson’s piece titled Global Shadows.  The letter discussed global racism and demanded African membership in a new world order. The letter was written by a Zambian journalist who stated that global racism limited Africans’ access to quality education, healthcare, and inclusion in international affairs. According to the author, Africa has been left behind while the international community continues to develop. Unlike the first letter that Ferguson discusses, the Letter to America demands inclusion and compensation from the west. He demands global citizenship. Relating his letter to our discussion on culture and political economy, the author sheds light on the absence of global citizenship for African nations. As we know, many African nations are economically handicapped due to organizations such as IMF and World Bank, (ironically, two institutions that are supposed to help develop African nations). The Zambian journalist articulates why African nations have been neglected.               

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