John Ryle: Wrap Up

John Ryle’s “The Many Voices of Africa” shows how music has helped to create a “modern” Africa. He uses Jal, a Sudanese ex-child soldier to illustrate how music has transformed into a form of activism for African youth. Ryle also discusses how the music’s language influences the international community and draws attention to Africa. Many musicians from Africa fuse their native languages with colonial languages such as French, and also Arabic. These artists have the advantage of communicating with wide audiences and spreading awareness abroad. Thus, Rhyle states that the best mechanism for creating a modern, progressive Africa is through music. He even states that music is Africa’s most valuable export. In addition to being Africa’s most valuable export, music is also where Africa and Europe are on “equal footing”. This is a valid statement. Collaborations between artists such as MIA and Afrikan Boy are evidence to Ryle’s point.


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