Lumumba:Death of a Prophet

  1. The first film about Lumumba, “Lumumba: Death of a Prophet”, did not help me frame a clear definition of Lumumba as a leader. I learned about Lumumba in high school, but I have never seen a documentary about his life. Lumumba: Death of a Prophet was awkward. The narrator spoke about Lumumba but the camera showed random people on the street. The narrator’s tone seemed prosaic, and throughout the film I was inclined to sleep. Still, I finished the film and concluded that it did not give me a clear definition of Lumumba. The style of the film did not compliment the content of the film. The second film entitled “Lumumba”, did a better job of framing my knowledge and connecting both the visual and oral. Unlike the first film, this film appeared more structured and centered. Although the first film showed clips of the real Lumumba, it did not appear real because of the random clips of people perusing the streets. Even though Lumumba: Death of a Prophet was a documentary, it felt like I was watching a fictional film. The film’s style made the line between fiction and non-fiction less distinguishable.         

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