Over the course of the semester, your group is responsible for the conceptualization, design, and management of a multimedia project. Each of you is responsible for producing one multimedia article for the project, written and designed in editorial collaboration with the rest of your group. This means that you will receive a variety of grades-individual grades for your abstract and article, and group grades for the outline and the final presentation of the group project.

It is important to note that everyone does not have to produce the same kind of article. One person might have a visual project, another an aural, for instance. The purpose of working as a group is to produce a body of knowledge that approaches its topic in a variety of ways. Think of an online newspaper: slideshows, interviews, and “straight” reporting all count as articles. Further, even though they are different in form from each other, they are nonetheless consistent in their aesthetic presentation.

Work and Deadlines

Groups will meet with me a minimum of three times over the semester, with at least one session committed to technology and troubleshooting production. It is your choice when to meet with me, though I strongly suggest you not wait until the last minute. For sanity’s sake, it is best that you all decide a time that is good for you-ideally during office hours. Then only one person need make the arrangements.

An outline of your project, including an abstract of each individual article, is due at midnight on 3/30. The outline is to be produced by the group, and each article abstract by each writer. The abstract is your opportunity to brainstorm your ideas for your particular article. Of course some things might change as you work, but you should by this point have a decent sense of what you’d like to try to do.

At minimum, your abstract should give me a sense of 1) the phenomenon you are interested in, 2) of which texts you might use as examples, 3) that you know how to find these texts (or a plea for help!) and, 4) a brief explanation of what you would like the final product to look like on the level of presentation (Is it powerpoint with moving images? Is it a mock video news segment? Is it a sound project? or so on).

Article drafts are due at midnight on 4/26. Of course I would like to see as much production as possible by this point; however the primary goal of the draft is have a check in on writing, conceptualization, and acquisition-which is to say that you should have all of the stuff you are working with by this date, and anything that is written should be, well, written. Remember, this is a group project, which means that you cannot wait until the last minute to finish your individual part.

You must also produce a three-page critique of another group’s project, due on 5/18 at 8p.

Everything, except the final project itself, is to be submitted by email, using these guidelines:

group#–outline.doc [only one group member need submit this document]





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