I saw a blog post at the fashionblog Make Fetch Happen about a new publication from the Nigerian newspaper ThisDay. It is called Arise, “the first global magazine dedicated to the achievements in African fashion, music, culture and polity.”

In their promotion there seems to be double emphasis on the magazine’s Africaness and it’s Globalness (the word’s world, global, and African are used over and over again in different iterations in their blurbs). What I gleaned from the promotion is that the magazine is meant to both serve to an African audience and discuss the high-popular culture of their world and to introduce African high-popular culture to the global high-popular culture world. 

I was very much struck by Arise’s first cover: 

The cover models, Naomi Campbell, and Liya Kebede and Alek Wek, also “talk about their personal visions for Africa.” I’m a bit puzzled why Naomi Campbell, who is of Jamiacan/English descent included with Ethopian Kebede and Sudanese Wek talking about her vision of Africa. 





Naomi seems to have a sorta motherly role, placed at the top of the triangle with each arm around a model.

The cover must also be taken against the ongoing discussion in the fashion world about using models of color. There has been a a disturbing lack of models of  color in print ads and on the runway. This issue of Italian Vogue’s  that uses only black models in response.