what i don’t get about pirates

When the class first started talking about African/Somalian pirates I honestly had no idea what was going on or why we were considering changing around our syllabus to fit in a discussion on the topic. I went home and google’d “pirates” didn’t get me very far. so I google’d “African pirates”. My first hit was a USA Today article Off Africa’s coast, pirates ‘out of control’. Immediately I was struck by the sensationalism of the whole event and how what we were discussing in class is certainly not how the rest of the US is thinking about this issue. The article goes out of its way to describe these hijackers as crazed pirates, emerging from the dark waters with hooks and AK-47s.

In addition, wikipedia describes the long history of piracy off the Somali coast since the early 1990’s. So why the sudden surge in coverage/commentary/sensationalism in the US?

I think this song I found on YouTube captures the sentiment quite well ;).