Black or White?

So, while surfing random music from the 90s, I remembered Michael Jackson’s Black or White and youtubed the vid.

What do you think about the scene where he’s in “AFRICA” and the scene when he’s with the American Indians? (01.53-02.35 , 03.00 – 03.25) (pls click on the link, embedding was disabled, so I couldn’t insert the video in my post!)


Africa and the Media

Mall in South Africa

Mall in South Africa

The first few chapters of Mistaking Africa that we have read this week have resonated strongly with me as an African who has been exposed to western media representation of Africa since I was a kid. When I’m back home in Nigeria, I am constantly bombarded with news from all over the world, whether on local news channels, or on satellite TV, and now, Being a Nigerian a long way from home, I constantly try to keep up with news and popular culture from back home. In retrospect, Continue reading