Things I noted about Abouna:

I will say that I did not see Amine’s death coming until Tahir started reading the story of the boa constrictor to him. My interpretation of the story, given the circumstances, was that the boa was Amine’s asthma, and Amine was the boa’s prey. Amine’s life is cut rather suddenly by asthma, just like how the boa swallows its prey quickly and digests it later, rather than killing it slowly by chewing it first and digesting later. In addition, Amine says that the story is significant to him because he always falls asleep before the end, an observation that is a bit analogous to the fact that the boa swallows its prey without chewing (an essential end to the first part of the digestive process in many animals.)

I found some of the visual cues that movie gave us for significant events in the movie rather interesting: