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On Hang Time…

Figuration is evident throughout the short film, mostly in the depiction of Olu.  From the first scene when he drives up in his red jeep, like a throne of blood, the audience knows he is the evil villain.  The music also helped in the forming of his character. Towards the end an evil theme song plays as Olu hands the grandma a Sprite at the basketball game.  At 48 minutes in, it is clear that Kwame will most likely succomb to the pressures and join Olu’s gang and do whatever it takes to make the money to get those new shoes. Kwame is trying to overcome his past and without his father’s support, he has no one else to turn to. Olu takes on the form of a strange father figure, but he his only out for his own personal gains.  What struck me about the actual ending of the short film was Continue reading